More Testimonials

“I’m really liking it. I’m happy that I’m getting this kind of work out. I was actually doing Zumba, but nothing compares to MM Fitness! I sweat a lot and I’m sore the next few days so in my head I know it’s working. I’ve gained more confidence for sure!” – Maria Ortiz

“It’s awesome working out with awesome people and trainers!” – Jasbeendar Kaur

“Working out really helps me. I’m not feeling so tired. My shoulder injury no longer bothers me. I love my smaller pant size!! YEAH!!!” – Jessie Hinojosa

“Best decision I’ve ever made in my life…no joke! I love the training energy level, making new friends, and seeing the physical rewards. I can do a lot more strength wise and I know how to be healthy with nutrition and fitness!” – Kimber Hutson

“Love it! It’s hard but I like to sweat. I’m happy feeling the muscle structure in my body improve and grow. I notice that my back doesn’t go out as much anymore as well.” – Martha Jaeger

“Very effective, challenging, and result producing. It is fun!” – Crystal Herrera

“I really liked the program. I saw a lot of improvement in 8 weeks. I lost 30 lbs. of fat and gained around 20 lbs. of muscle! I feel great.” – Johnny Eller

“Overall, I felt the program was a huge help. I would recommend it over physical therapy anytime. It helped my knee a lot. I also feel like I have way more energy and feel way better about myself. I like that you push us to do better. My knee has improved and it doesn’t hurt as bad anymore. I can rely on it more now. I saw a lot of improvement and lost a lot of fat.” – Alicia Eller

“Milo Martinovich is a professional personal trainer. His services led me to gain about 12 lbs. of muscle in a matter of weeks. I am still about 10 lbs. away from my goal but I am well on my way, and will continue to use MM Fitness to reach my goals” – Will Ussery

“I took Milo’s class with my sister-in-law for 6 weeks. He motivated the two of us and helped us get back on the right track with our exercise. We both built muscle and felt stronger. Milo also made sure we were doing the moves right and would correct us if not. He is a great trainer and one that will help you reach the goals you are wanting with your body. I would recommend Milo as a trainer!” – Arlette Crane

”Achieving results I never though I would see! Less than 3 hours a week working out and you get a great return on time working out!” – Robert Wiley