P90 Workout Reviews – Can You Get Fit At Home With P90?

If you know anything about home fitness programs, you’ve heard of BeachBody and Tony Horton. The creator of the very popular P90X series has helped thousands of people get fit at home. However, P90X and the like are a little extreme for complete beginners. Now, there is a new program for beginners by Tony Horton: P90! Is the P90 Workout for you?

What is P90?

The P90 Workout System should be looked at as a stepping stone to start your fitness jouney. The P90 Beginner Workout can definitely help you tone/build some muscle and burn some fat. Even if you do have fitness experience, the P90 Workout Routine might be a great choice to switch things up and try something new. It doesn’t require much equipment, it hits all muscle groups efficiently, and gives you a good cardio workout as well. But, what really matters is if it is the right choice for you!

Who Is The P90 Program Designed For?

The P90 Workout Plan is great for anyone who wants a good mixture of resistance training and aerobic exercise in the comfort of their own home. It’s not an advanced program, so those who have mastered programs like P90X or Insanity would probably be taking a step back with this program. But, P90 could be used an easier maintanance program after finishing a more intense program to give your body a little break while keeping, or even gaining more results.

P90 Details

Depending on the schedule you decide to follow, you are performing 2-3 resistance training workouts and 3-4 aerobic exercise workouts per week. The Scuplt schedule focuses more on resistance training, and is the better choice for overall physique development. However, if you prefer to perform more cardio than resistance training, the Sweat schedule will get your lungs in shape. For those most part, you won’t be investing more than an hour on your workouts, with the first phase of the program usually only taking about 30 minutes per workout. Each workout is efficient and you will finish feeling like you’ve accomplished your goal for the day!

P90 For Beginners

If you are a complete beginner, I’d recommend sticking to the 90 days program to fully develop your specific fitness skills. After all, this program is made for beginners as a stepping stone towards more advanced programs like P90X2 or P90X3. Each P90 Workout Video has relatively simplistic movements, but they are still effective if you push yourself with resistance and range of motion. The main question before purchasing this home workout system usually goes something like this: Is P90 Effective? If you push yourself for each workout and focus in the kitchen, you will see great results!

How To Do P90

Being a Personal Trainer for so many years, I have no choice but to analyze programs and try to adjust them to fit the needs of different populations instead of a cookie cutter approach. First of all, I wouldn’t change anything on each specific P90 Workout DVD before completing the program one time through. Once you finish a cycle, you might want to make the exercises harder and/or choose harder variations of the movements to continue to make progress with this program.

Now, as for the whole 90 cycle, I have a few adjustments:
  • If you are a complete beginner, go head and do the full 90 days to maximize your fitness level and results.
  • If you have fitness experience but have had a recent break from regular exercise (2-3+ months away from exercise), you can knock off 1 week from each of the 3 phases, making the program 70 days long. This is because your muscle memory will help you attain your previous levels of fitness quicker than a beginner could.
  • If you are already used to regular exercise and just want to switch up programs to keep some spice in your fitness life, go ahead and knock 2 weeks off each phase, making the program only about 40 days long. This option is for those who already have experience with other home workout programs and don’t need a build up phase to work on your fitness level in the 1st and 2nd phases. Too much time spent with lower volume and difficultly will actually lower your fitness levels, so no need to spend the whole 90 days taking a step back!

If you workout hard with each P90 Exercise DVD and try hard in the kitchen as well, you are going to gain some muscle, lose some fat, and get more fit! It’s really a win-win-win with P90!

P90 Workout Pros & Cons


  • Workouts are efficient and work your entire body
  • The value of the program is great
  • The required equipment is minimal
  • With the right amount of effort, users can get fantastic results
  • Comes with a nutritional guide
  • Great for beginners


  • The workouts become repetitive as you progress through each phase
  • May not be a good choice for advanced trainees
  • The videos don’t stress progressive overload enough, meaning the user must regulate when to use more resistance

P90 Workout Schedule

P90 is split up into 3 phases, each building on the prior one, creating a ladder to higher fitness levels. It goes from low intensity in the P90 Phase A to higher intensity and higher volumes with Phase B and C, making progress easily achieved. However, within each phase the topic of progressive overload isn’t discussed too much. Luckily, I’ve created a free, downloadable P90 Workout Guide that contains:

  • P90 Workout Sheets – Just fill in the blanks with the resistance you use and the reps you complete to easily track progress with more features than the original workout sheets.
  • P90 Workout Calender Options – Do the original Sculpt, Sweat, or one of the customized schedules that I’ve developed for different levels of fitness. Simply follow your P90 Workout Chart through to the end!
  • Customized training and nutritional tips to further your progress with P90 from a Personal Trainer with years of experience!
  • A guide to progressive overload within each Phase.
  • Exclusive discounts for my private fitness and/or nutritional coaching!
  • & much more

Analysis Of Each P90 Workout

The P90 Workout Cast is interesting throughout the program, although it can get monotonous repeating each workout through the 4 week phases if you follow the traditional 90 day program. One question I get a lot is how long are the P90 workouts? This depends on what phase you are on, which I’ll discuss in depth below. You’ll see the complete P90 Workout list, workout times, and a look at each video.

Phase A

Sculpt A

Workout Length: 27 minutes
This workout features two rounds of movements hitting each body part twice with resistance training. The hamstring training is slightly lacking, with the majority of the work coming from Lunges, which mostly involves the Glutes and Quads. However, the rest of the movements hit your entire body well!

Sweat A

Workout Length: 25 minutes
This is a good introduction to aerobic training. It’s quick and efficiently, with a good amount of different movements to avoid boredom, which traditional cardio lacks.

Ab Ripper A

Workout Length: 8 minutes
If you aren’t used to hammering your core for 10 minutes straight, this might be hard for the first few times. Luckily, it’s a great way to develop your core muscle while stripping away the fat with your diet to help that 6 pack look!

Saturday Special Workout

Workout Length: 25 minutes
This is a tough aerobic and core workout that is found in each week of the program, no matter what Phase you are in. For this reason, you might struggle with this workout in Phase A, or even B. But, you will definitely see the progress week to week and be able to master this workout by the end!

Phase B

Sculpt B

Workout Length: 30 minutes
This workout steps up the Sculpt workouts with an additional round of movements per body part and a good new mix of exercises. If Sculpt A became a little easy, this will bring you a challenge again!

Sweat B

Workout Length: 32 minutes

Ab Ripper B

Workout Length: 14 minutes

Phase C

Sculpt C

Workout Length: 42 minutes

Sweat C

Workout Length: 36 minutes

Ab Ripper C

Workout Length: 15 minutes

Tips To Improve The P90 Workout

Want to improve the P90 Fitness Program? Simply download my free,downloadable Guide to P90 for professional advice to improve the P90 System! From starting P90 right to individual recommendations for specific populations, like customizing the P90 Workout For Women, you’ll get what you need to expand your results beyond the basic! This guide can make the P90 Workout Program great for anyone!

P90 Nutritional Program

P90 Simple Kitchen

Before/After Pictures & Reviews

P90 Reviews
P90 Body Transformation
P90 Workout Results

Available P90 Packages

Create table with:
Nutritional Support
Final Word

Equipment Needed

Before embarking in P90, you have to ask yourself: What Do I Need For P90? You can purchase the P90 Workout Equipment with the various packages available when you purchase the program, or you can go the cheaper route and buy similar equipment for the same function while purchasing the lowest package. Alternative equipment might not translate perfectly, but it’s a good option if you are on a budget. If you can afford it, go with the real equipment made for the program to get the most out of the program without any additional effort!

Here’s a look at the required equipment for the program, including the equipment made for the program and alternatives:


How It Compares To Other Programs

P90 isn’t an advanced program. However, it’s not a Zumba DVD either. You are going to challenge yourself with resistance and cardio. You are going to get results. It’s just not as extreme as programs like Insanity or P90X. Speaking of P90X…

P90 vs P90X

Should you do P90 or P90X? What is the difference really? P90 is like the introduction into the P90X style of training. In fact, it’s a great place to start before springing for P90X. The best way to conquer both programs is to do P90 before P90X!

Want To See How P90 Stacks Up Against The Best Home Fitness Programs?

See The Comparison Here (coming soon..)

You will find out what to do after P90, before P90, and everthing in between. Browse the comparisons and find the home fitness plan right for you!

P90 Workout Conclusion

Star Rating Table (Difficulty/Variety/Effectiveness/Enjoyability/Value/Overall)

P90 is a great program for beginner, or even intermediate home fitness trainees. You can build muscle effectively, boost your cardio efficiently, and lose fat with the nutritional support that comes along with the packages! If you want to purchase P90, go ahead and check it out at Amazon.com for a great deal!

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