Online Personal Training Versus In Person Trainers

Online Personal Training Versus In Person TrainersWhen you are looking to hire a professional to help you accomplish your goals, you can like into online personal training and local trainers. Some may wonder what the difference are in the services and the pros and cons of each. Lets analyze online personal training versus in person trainers!


Online trainers and local trainers should both be offering custom training plans designed specifically for your goals. An online personal trainer can deliver just as good of a program as a local trainer. This means there is no difference between local and online trainers for the program design.

Both also have the ability to offer nutritional coaching. Again, the quality of service doesn’t have to be different just because a trainer offers services online versus in person.

Lastly, both types of trainers should be able to offer support whenever you need it.

Pros Of Online Personal Training

The first benefit of online training, as compared to local trainers, is the lower price point. Most online trainers can charge less per client since they can handle more clients. Since they can handle more clients, they don’t have to charge as much as a local trainer. Local trainers attend most, if not all, of a client’s training sessions. This means they have less time to design programs and coach other clients.

The second benefit is that online trainers tend to allow for more flexibility. Instead of trying to fit your training in around your trainer’s schedule, an online trainer can deliver a fitness program that you can complete whenever you want. This means more flexibility for you! Forget about rearranging your whole life scheduling just to attend training sessions at the few available times of a local trainer.

Pros Of Local Trainers

The main benefit is the fact that you get in person advice for your training sessions. If you have little experience in the gym, you probably need some coaching to ensure that you are performing all the of the exercises correctly. This means an online trainer is a bad choice. For those that need this in person support, you cannot go wrong with a local personal trainer.

Overall, you can get fantastic results with either service. When it comes to online personal training versus in person trainers, it comes down to the amount of support you need for your training plan and your budget!

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