When An Online Personal Trainer Isn’t The Right Choice

When An Online Personal Trainer Isn't The Right ChoiceI’ve trained hundreds of clients between my training studio and my online coaching services. Throughout this experience, I’ve learned that some people just aren’t a good fit for online personal training services. Lets take a look as some situations when an online personal trainer isn’t the right choice.

1 – Limited Technology Experience

If you don’t know how to use spreadsheets and websites to log your food intake, chances are that online personal training isn’t a good choice. An online personal trainer uses a variety of computer-based programs to deliver training and nutrition plans. If you aren’t someone that feels comfortable using an array of software and websites/apps, stick to in person training.

2 – Limited Training Experience

Online personal trainers are well versed in delivering a high quality of service to their clients over the internet. However, those that have little-to-no experience in the gym won’t be able to take advantage of online services as well. If you need in person help to ensure that you are doing all of the exercises correctly, an online personal trainer isn’t the right choice.

3 – Limited Budget

Online personal training tends to be much more affordable than an in person trainer. However, it is still much more expensive than a simple gym membership. You should not break the bank just to hire an online trainer. Instead of spending your last dime on an online trainer, invest some of your free time in educating yourself so you can be more efficient in the gym. Then, when you can afford a trainer online, you will have some good experience as well!

4 – Limited Motivation

If you can’t get motivated without a trainer talking to you face to face, hiring a trainer online is a terrible choice. We can deliver motivate through emails, texts, and even videos. However, if you need that in person contact to get going in the gym, an online coach just won’t be able to deliver.

Now you know who should and shouldn’t invest in an online personal trainer. You have to have some computer knowledge, some gym experience, a supply of extra income, and enough self motivation to follow a plan without someone right next to you!

Milo Martinovich

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