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Online Fitness Coaching Could Be The Right Choice For You To Enhance Your Performance & Physique!

If you want to build strength, build size, and/or get shredded, our online personal training services are perfect for you!

online fitness coaching

  • Custom Training Programs Designed For Your Specific Performance & Physique Goals

  • One-on-One Nutrition Coaching To Ensure Results & Success

  • Unlimited Support From Your Trainer

  • Maximum Results In Less Time – We’re All About Efficiency

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Before & After - Online Personal Trainer

This is a real Before/After photo of a client of mine. This progress was made in only 90 days! She ended up losing 27 lbs on the scale, but definitely lost more fat than that! She built muscle and gained strength like she never had before! You can do the same.

Should You Hire An Online Fitness Trainer?

Online Fitness Coaching here at MM Fitness means that you get results or you get your money back! If you follow our program like we lay out for you and don’t see any positive changes, you will get a refund, no questions asked. That’s how sure we are of our training and nutritional plans!

Why Choose Me As An Online Personal Trainer?

In addition to training clients online, I have trained hundreds of happy clients in our private personal training studio. I’ve gotten them the results they want. Now it’s your turn!

Apply For Online Fitness Coaching

While I would love to help every single person that wants my online personal training, I can only accept those that I know are going to reap the most benefit. If you are looking to improve performance in the gym (build strength, endurance) and improve your physique (build muscle, lose fat) then I can help. If you have other goals, I’m not the guy for you. I’m not here for corrective exercise, prenatal training, sports-specific training, or anything else. PHYSIQUE & PERFORMANCEthat’s what I do! I design metabolic training-style programs which promote concurrent development of all fitness qualities, from strength to endurance.

Silver Plan
Fully Customized Training Plan
Designed Specifically For Your Performance & Physique Goals
Support Through Email When Needed
No Nutritional Coaching
No Money Back Guarantee
Gold Plan
Combination Of Our Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
Full Customized Training Plan Developed Monthly
Support Through Email When Needed & Weekly Check Ins
One-on-One Weekly Nutritional Coaching
100% Money Back Guarantee - If You Follow The Plan & Don't See Results, You Get A Refund!
Platinum Plan
Combination Of Our Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
Full Customized Training Plan Developed Monthly
Support Through Email When Needed & Daily Check Ins
One-on-One Daily Nutritional Coaching
100% Money Back Guarantee - If You Follow The Plan & Don't See Results, You Get A Refund!

Online Fitness Coach Checklist

  • Do you need a custom training plan designed for effectiveness and efficiency?
  • If you need individual attention for your nutritional intake to nail down calorie intake, macro ratios, and more
  • Do you need an actionable goal and a plan to tackle it as quickly as possible?
  • If you want the support and guidance from an experienced and professional online personal trainer
  • Do you want guaranteed results or your money back?

If this sounds like you, it’s time for you to apply! Fill out the application and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Online Personal Training & In-Person Trainers?

Online Personal Training Versus In Person TrainersWhen you are looking to hire a professional to help you accomplish your goals, you can like into online personal training and local trainers. Some may wonder what the difference are in the services and the pros and cons of each. Lets analyze online personal training versus in person trainers!


Online trainers and local trainers should both be offering custom training plans designed specifically for your goals. An online personal trainer can deliver just as good of a program as a local trainer. This means there is no difference between local and online trainers for the program design.

Both also have the ability to offer nutritional coaching. Again, the quality of service doesn’t have to be different just because a trainer offers services online versus in person.

Lastly, both types of trainers should be able to offer support whenever you need it.

Pros Of Online Personal Training

The first benefit of online training, as compared to local trainers, is the lower price point. Most online trainers can charge less per client since they can handle more clients. Since they can handle more clients, they don’t have to charge as much as a local trainer. Local trainers attend most, if not all, of a client’s training sessions. This means they have less time to design programs and coach other clients.

The second benefit is that online trainers tend to allow for more flexibility. Instead of trying to fit your training in around your trainer’s schedule, an online trainer can deliver a fitness program that you can complete whenever you want. This means more flexibility for you! Forget about rearranging your whole life scheduling just to attend training sessions at the few available times of a local trainer.

Pros Of Local Trainers

The main benefit is the fact that you get in person advice for your training sessions. If you have little experience in the gym, you probably need some coaching to ensure that you are performing all the of the exercises correctly. This means an online trainer is a bad choice. For those that need this in person support, you cannot go wrong with a local personal trainer.

Overall, you can get fantastic results with either service. When it comes to online personal training versus in person trainers, it comes down to the amount of support you need for your training plan and your budget!

When Is An Online Personal Trainer The Wrong Choice?

When An Online Personal Trainer Isn't The Right ChoiceI’ve trained hundreds of clients between my training studio and my online coaching services. Throughout this experience, I’ve learned that some people just aren’t a good fit for online personal training services. Lets take a look as some situations when an online personal trainer isn’t the right choice.
1 – Limited Technology Experience
If you don’t know how to use spreadsheets and websites to log your food intake, chances are that online personal training isn’t a good choice. An online personal trainer uses a variety of computer-based programs to deliver training and nutrition plans. If you aren’t someone that feels comfortable using an array of software and websites/apps, stick to in person training.
2 – Limited Training Experience
Online personal trainers are well versed in delivering a high quality of service to their clients over the internet. However, those that have little-to-no experience in the gym won’t be able to take advantage of online services as well. If you need in person help to ensure that you are doing all of the exercises correctly, an online personal trainer isn’t the right choice.
3 – Limited Budget
Online personal training tends to be much more affordable than an in person trainer. However, it is still much more expensive than a simple gym membership. You should not break the bank just to hire an online trainer. Instead of spending your last dime on an online trainer, invest some of your free time in educating yourself so you can be more efficient in the gym. Then, when you can afford a trainer online, you will have some good experience as well!
4 – Limited Motivation
If you can’t get motivated without a trainer talking to you face to face, hiring a trainer online is a terrible choice. We can deliver motivate through emails, texts, and even videos. However, if you need that in person contact to get going in the gym, an online coach just won’t be able to deliver.

Now you know who should and shouldn’t invest in an online personal trainer. You have to have some computer knowledge, some gym experience, a supply of extra income, and enough self motivation to follow a plan without someone right next to you!

What Are The Benefits Of Online Fitness Coaching?

Benefits Of Online Fitness CoachingSome people still don’t know that an online fitness coach can be a good choice when looking to achieve their fitness goals. So, lets take a look at a few of the benefits of online fitness coaching!

1 – Customization

It’s true, fitness and nutrition aren’t rocket science. You don’t need to have a completely different training and diet routine than the rest of the world to achieve results. However, it is important to have customizations in your fitness and diet plans to ensure that you get results efficiently. Cookie cutter plans can work for a lot of people, but not everybody. Chances are, if you are even considering a coach, you probably aren’t one of those people that can achieve great results on a cookie cutter approach. One of the best benefits of online fitness coaching is that you get customizations to make everything easier on your end!

2 – One on One Support

Yes, you can get in person support from any of your local personal trainers. However, for the price of coaching online, you cannot get a better value from a local trainer. Online fitness coaching tends to be much more affordable than a local trainer, since coaches don’t attend client training sessions. All that extra time can be spent working with more clients, meaning the price per client is lower. You still receive one on one support from your coach. In fact, you can probably get more support, since a lot of coaches offer 24/7 support, while local trainers tend to be too busy to answer emails/texts a lot of the time.

3 – Better Quality Of Service

People become personal trainers to put themselves through college or to make a little money while being able to hang out in the gym. People become online coaches because they genuinely love helping people reach their goal and can’t imagine a different career path. This tends to lead to a higher quality of service from online coaches. Most of them have attained more knowledge over the years and that translates to better results for you. If you find a potential online coach, chances are, they have coached hundreds of clients on the way to their’ goals. Simply put – more qualified coaches means more results faster for the client!

These are just a few of the benefits of online fitness coaching. Coaches tend to have a myriad of other benefits specific to their own programs and coaching plans. However, most of the reputable coaches found online deliver the 3 listed benefits wonderfully!

How Do I Find The Right Online Fitness Coach?

Find The Right Online Fitness CoachBy now, most people know that finding an online fitness coach to help your towards your goals can be a great choice. However, how do you find the right online fitness coach to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck? Lets check out some things to look for before making your decision!

1 – Price

Obviously, you need to be able to afford your coach for as long as it takes to meet your goals. Most people won’t reach their goals in one or two months, meaning that you will need the funds to have your coach for a lengthy duration. Don’t go for the most expensive coach you find, only to realize that you can’t afford them in the coming months! Don’t let a coach break your bank. You should be able to hire a coach that doesn’t cause you to pinch pennies to make it.

2 – Program Development

If you want to only train at home, you obviously don’t want a coach who only makes workout programs that can be completed in a gym. There are plenty of situations where a coach might be awesome at what they specialize in, but they wouldn’t do you much good personally. If you have specific needs for your fitness programming, make sure your prospective online fitness coach knows how to work with them. Issues can include physical limitations, scheduling issues, lack of equipment, or just a general issue with a certain type of training. For example – if you don’t like CrossFit style workouts, don’t hire CrossFit coach and expect to like the training. Training should be enjoyable. It doesn’t have to suck to meet your goals, trust me!

3 – Support

Some people only need a workout plan written down to be able to take advantage. Others might need video chats to ensure that everything is explained in enough detail. Others might need in person help to achieve their goals, meaning an online coach is not what you need. You have to know what kind of coaching you actually need to succeed! If you can reap the benefits through email and texting as your only source of communication, don’t spend the extra money on a coach that charges you for regular video chats. Likewise, if you need video chats to get a grip on everything, don’t try to be cheap and hire a coach that doesn’t offer these services.

4 – Motivation

You might be thinking that an online fitness coach can’t deliver much motivation since you don’t see them in person. However, written communication can deliver just as much motivation as talking to someone face to face. This depends, however, on their attitude towards your training. Do you need a stern figure to tell you what to do and call you out if you mess up? Or, do you need a positive attitude who gives you compliments when you deserve them? People tend to be motivated by different things. If an online coach can’t motivate you personally, then you probably won’t reach your goals!

Hopefully this list shed some light on how to find the right online fitness coach. Here is the reality, a lot of coaches out there are fantastic. However, they are only fantastic when serving the right type of clientele. Specialists coaches specialize in certain things for a reason. There aren’t any coaches out there that are perfect for every single prospect. So, that means you have to find the right online fitness coach for you!

Should I Hire An Online Fitness Coach?

Hire An Online Fitness CoachHiring an online fitness coach is just one of the ways that you can acquire professional help reaching your fitness and body composition goals. So, what are the reasons to consider an online fitness coach over the other options, like a personal trainer or local boot camp class?

1 – Convenience

The first reason is the convenience of having an online fitness coach. You don’t have to work around a trainer’s schedule. Everything is on your own schedule. The coach will create a workout plan, and nutritional plan, and you have the ability to put it to use at any time that works for you. The best local trainers are always booked up for the most convenient times. Online coaches don’t have that issue!

2 – Price

Local trainers, and even some group training programs, cost a lot more than an online coach for comparable services. The reason is because trainers and group instructors have a limited time each day where they can create programs. Most of their time is spent working with their clients during the workouts. Instead of all that time spent watching clients in the gym, online fitness coaches can use that time to develop more and more programs, allowing them to have more clients. More clients means less cost for each client!

3 – Specialization

There are coaches online that specialize in basically everything you can think of. While there may be a few local specialists in your area, you will have a lot more to choose from if you hire a coach online. If you need sports-specific work, prenatal, corrective exercise, etc., you can find coaches that do this online very easily.

4 – Results

Most online coaches have coached/trained hundreds of clients. Through that time, they develop systems that work great for their clients’ goals. Local trainers may develop these too, but online coaches do it on a much larger scale. This much work put in with countless clients means that they have developed systems that get you results efficiently and effectively!

Hopefully you see the reason why hiring an online fitness coach can be very worthwhile. If you want to hire an online fitness coach, make sure you check out our services!