Plus & Gold Sign Up

To sign up for our “Plus” or “Gold” packages, we need a little more information. Please read this page and fill out the form to get started.

Step 1: Sign Up For MyFitnessPal & Google Sheets

All nutritional coaching is done with MyFitnessPal and all fitness coaching is done with Google Sheets. Both are free to sign up for, and also have free apps that you can use on your smart phone. There are no alternatives for coaching, so you must have an account with each of these services.

Click here to go to MyFitnessPal
Click here to go to Google Sheets

Make sure to jot down your MyFitnessPal username and the email you use on Google Sheets. Your trainer will need both of these.

Step 2: Determine Your Body Type

Wrap your middle finger and thumb around the smallest part of your wrist, attempting to touch your finger and thumb together. Determine whether they don’t touch at all, barely touch, or overlap each other. This info is needed for the form below.

Step 3: Determine Your Physique Goals

If you want to lose fat, you’ll need to lose weight. If you want to gain muscle, you’ll need to gain weight. Gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time is for advanced clients who have shown that they can follow our basic nutritional coaching guidelines already. If gaining muscle and losing fat is your ultimate goal, choose to either lose weight or gain weight to begin with. Once you show that you can follow our easier nutritional coaching, we can switch you to Body Recomposition (gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously).

Step 5: Fill Out The Form & We Will Text You ASAP To Get You Started!