Find The Right Online Fitness Coach

Find The Right Online Fitness CoachBy now, most people know that finding an online fitness coach to help your towards your goals can be a great choice. However, how do you find the right online fitness coach to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck? Lets check out some things to look for before making your decision!

1 – Price

Obviously, you need to be able to afford your coach for as long as it takes to meet your goals. Most people won’t reach their goals in one or two months, meaning that you will need the funds to have your coach for a lengthy duration. Don’t go for the most expensive coach you find, only to realize that you can’t afford them in the coming months! Don’t let a coach break your bank. You should be able to hire a coach that doesn’t cause you to pinch pennies to make it.

2 – Program Development

If you want to only train at home, you obviously don’t want a coach who only makes workout programs that can be completed in a gym. There are plenty of situations where a coach might be awesome at what they specialize in, but they wouldn’t do you much good personally. If you have specific needs for your fitness programming, make sure your prospective online fitness coach knows how to work with them. Issues can include physical limitations, scheduling issues, lack of equipment, or just a general issue with a certain type of training. For example – if you don’t like CrossFit style workouts, don’t hire CrossFit coach and expect to like the training. Training should be enjoyable. It doesn’t have to suck to meet your goals, trust me!

3 – Support

Some people only need a workout plan written down to be able to take advantage. Others might need video chats to ensure that everything is explained in enough detail. Others might need in person help to achieve their goals, meaning an online coach is not what you need. You have to know what kind of coaching you actually need to succeed! If you can reap the benefits through email and texting as your only source of communication, don’t spend the extra money on a coach that charges you for regular video chats. Likewise, if you need video chats to get a grip on everything, don’t try to be cheap and hire a coach that doesn’t offer these services.

4 – Motivation

You might be thinking that an online fitness coach can’t deliver much motivation since you don’t see them in person. However, written communication can deliver just as much motivation as talking to someone face to face. This depends, however, on their attitude towards your training. Do you need a stern figure to tell you what to do and call you out if you mess up? Or, do you need a positive attitude who gives you compliments when you deserve them? People tend to be motivated by different things. If an online coach can’t motivate you personally, then you probably won’t reach your goals!

Hopefully this list shed some light on how to find the right online fitness coach. Here is the reality, a lot of coaches out there are fantastic. However, they are only fantastic when serving the right type of clientele. Specialists coaches specialize in certain things for a reason. There aren’t any coaches out there that are perfect for every single prospect. So, that means you have to find the right online fitness coach for you!

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