About Milo Martinovich Fitness

In late 2012, I decided to take my passion for fitness and turn it into a career where I could help others enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I became a personal trainer and opened a private training studio in my small hometown of Corning, CA. Within a couple years, my wife had also become a personal trainer and became co-owner of MM Fitness. We trained hundreds of clients through the end of 2017, but time came for us to move onto something else. The training studio was closed and we had our first child. But, my passion for fitness never quit. Now I was working out at home for the first time since my high school days. Motivation was lacking sometimes, and it just seemed to be harder than it used to be to put in the required effort with my training and diet without the gym atmosphere. That’s when I decided to take what I learned as a personal trainer and translate it to home fitness training. Thousands of people worldwide are in the same boat as me: training at home and looking for great results! That’s why I’ve reestablished Milo Martinovich Fitness. I’ve came to share my expertise as a trainer and my experiences with home fitness training to help those looking for those great results!

Meet Our Trainers

Milo Martinovich

aboutMilo Martinovich, born in February 1992, is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer/Specialist In Fitness Nutrition and is a dedicated fitness enthusiast. He has been involved in fitness/sports activity his whole life. Throughout the years, he has gained knowledge in almost every area of health and fitness. Of course, he decided to turn his passion into a career in the health and fitness field! He is now dedicated to learning even more about health/fitness and making sure his clients receive nothing but the best personal training services. He is the co-owner, trainer, and fitness program designer at MM Fitness. He also leads clients with nutritional coaching. He also runs the entire online fitness coaching program.

Brittany Martinovich

aboutBrittany Martinovich, born in December 1991, is a group personal trainer. She was not into sports or fitness for the majority of her life. However, over the past couple of years, she has embraced the health and fitness lifestyle to the fullest. She went from never exercising, eating bad, and being unhappy with her appearance, to never missing a workout, following a healthy nutritional plan, and confident enough to tackle anything facing her. Her story is the success that many clients are trying to achieve. She is the co-owner and a trainer at MM Fitness.